About Us

About Us

In an ever-evolving world of business, gifting and logistics, finding the right packaging solution is crucial for success. Among the numerous options available, there is one unsung hero that stands out – Onebox.

Onebox™  is the first online carton box store in Nigeria that provides direct box packaging solution for everyone.

Founded in 2018, our mission is to: –

Make new carton boxes available and affordable to everyone in Nigeria. This means with no minimum order you can buy as little as one box.

 Our online cart system offer variety of ready-made boxes that aims to bring convenience and confidence to businesses and personal users. You can easily purchase our products through a secure gateway without losing your confidential information, through Paystack gateway or local bank transfer.

With our design team and engineers, we design comprehensive boxes according to the ever-changing manufacturing or commercial options. Value engineering is another aspect we strongly emphasize during case designing so that our clients would not over pack their products and ensure they are getting the best price for the right quality.

Whether you’re a business owner looking to streamline your shipping process or an individual in need of reliable storage, our carton boxes offer unparalleled versatility, affordability and durability.