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  • Kraft Wrapping Paper. Good quality wrapping paper that can be used for void fill or to wrap items for protection.
  • Lightweight to save shipping costs. Wrap parts without adding to the cost of the shipping.
  • Wraps around Parts. Kraft wrapping paper can wrap around odd shaped items and conform to the shape of the part.
  • Line Boxes or Tables. Use to protect table tops and delicate parts packed in boxes.
  • Crush Paper to make Void Fill. Boxes may have empty spaces to fill and crumbled up wrapping paper works great to fill that void..
  • Resale Stores. Wrapping paper is a good thing to have if you own a retail store to wrap glass, dishes, cups, and breakables.
  • Apparel. When shipping apparel or suits it’s a good idea to line corrugated boxes with paper as an additional layer of protection.
  • Metal Products. VCI Paper will keep metal parts form rusting or corroding for up to 2 years.
  • Easy Storage. Wrapping papers are available in rolls or sheets and take up very little space when storing.

Dimension (L x W): 1000mm x 640mm

Gross weight limit: 2KG

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Dimensions 100 × 64 cm


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